Expert Author John Dugan
With summer in full swing, more people are taking advantage of the fine weather to engage in running activities. Some people are also happy that warm weather means it's easier to engage in outdoor nudist activities. And there are also some people who combine these two areas and engage in naked running. For male enthusiasts of the last-named activity, this does raise the question: are there some penis health concerns to be considered when one is involved in naked running?
Yes, there are some issues that naked running men should consider - some of which indicate running naked may be beneficial, others of which indicate there may be some considerations to remember. And some of which have less to do with being naked and more to do with simply running.
- First and foremost: Be prepared for running. A man who has been a couch potato for the last few years shouldn't jump into a nude marathon. Running is great exercise, but like any exercise it needs to be approached sensibly. Any time a person is significantly changing their exercise routine, checking in with a doctor is advised.
- Sunscreen. Those who are practicing nudists already know the importance of sunscreen. But if a guy does not already engage in a nudist lifestyle, he needs to take special care that those areas of the body that rarely see sun are properly protected.
- Get used to the floppiness. Running devoid of compression shorts can be a bonus for the balls. Compression shorts can restrict blood flow to the midsection, causing a pain in the balls - so running naked can be a plus. But the penis and balls do flop around while running. This can cause some minor pain, but more often it just feels a little awkward and may take some getting used to.
- Get ready for shrinkage. Most penises shrink quite a bit during the process of actually running, due to the physical activity itself. Don't worry - they grow back to their normal size afterward, but many men feel needlessly embarrassed that they don't present as more "hung" while running.
- Consider shoes. Some people run a naked race completely naked; others wear a hat or sunglasses - or shoes. If one's feet aren't ready for the rough road, shoes are perfectly legitimate.
- The penis and balls don't get chafed. With no fabric to rub against, naked runners don't develop the chafing and rashing that many do when wearing clothing.
- The penis stays cooler and less sweaty. Without the heat of clothing, the penis stays cooler. In addition, sweat appears and evaporates, rather than pooling. Sweat tends to come with bacteria and also dries out penis skin oil, resulting in dry penis skin. Naked running can reduce this penis health problem.
- Insects can be a problem. Without protective covering, the penis and environs can be a target for mosquitoes, ticks, etc. checking for such bites is important, especially if the running route goes through wooded areas.
So to summarize, there are positive penis health benefits (less heat and pooled sweat, etc.) and some disadvantages (direct exposure to sunlight and insects, etc.) to running naked. As in most cases, simple common sense can help to ensure a better run for your penis.
Whether running naked or not, a guy wants to take certain steps to keep his penis health a priority. One of these is the daily application of a top drawer penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). For best results, the crème should contain L-arginine. This amino acid helps produce nitric oxide, which is part of the process by which penile blood vessels are kept receptive to increased blood flow. And the crème should also include vitamin A, which has anti-bacterial properties which can help decrease unwanted and persistent penis odor.
Expert Author John Dugan
Stress is on the rise for many people. A 2017 U.S. survey found that 63% of Americans found the future of the country is a significant source of stress, 62% cited money worries as a stressor and 61% listed work issues as a significant cause of stress. There seem to be more causes of stress in recent years, and that's not good for anyone. Stress can affect a man on every level, including penis health, as men who are stressed out may tend to find it more difficult to perform sexually than men whose stress levels are lower. So with stress so prominent a concern, more men may want to consider a little masturbation as one enjoyable way of helping to deal with all this tension.
The case for masturbation
Why should masturbation help relieve stress? Well, in the long term, it doesn't. If a person is chronically stressed, he needs to figure out what his specific stress triggers are and then develop a range of strategies for dealing with them. But in the short term, many people find that masturbation does give them temporary relief when they are feeling stressed out.
That's because masturbating helps to lower blood pressure while at the same time releasing serotonin and dopamine, two substances that have the effect of calming a person's stress. For men, it appears that maximum relief is usually achieved if a guy continues masturbating through ejaculation - but some men find stress reduction occurs even when their fondling does not lead to ejaculation.
How to use it
There aren't very many men who need instructions on how to masturbate - but if a guy wants to use masturbation as a stress management strategy, there are some things he needs to consider.
- Make the setting calm. A man's stress levels may rise while he's masturbating if he's doing so in a setting which creates tension. For example, if he's in a room with no lock on the door and is intensely worried that someone is going to walk in on him. In the ideal situation, a man will be in a room in which he feels totally at ease and comfortable. That's not always possible - especially if a man is trying to relieve stress that is overwhelming him while he is at work - but whatever the setting, he should make it as stress-free as is possible under the circumstances.
- Erase guilt. Many men have a complicated relationship with their masturbation and find that for various reasons they feel guilty when they stimulate themselves. Masturbation will be much more effective as a stress reliever if a man is able to allow himself to indulge in the activity freely and without guilt. This may require discussing the reasons for his guilt with a professional and developing ways to address the issue.
- Get into it. The more freedom a man feels while masturbating, the greater the stress relief. He should allow himself to use sex toys, view erotic material, moan, etc. if he feels the desire to do so. He should also do his best to give himself as much time as he desires to masturbate. Again, this isn't always possible, but if he is watching the clock rather than focusing on masturbating, he may be adding to his stress.
Masturbation can help relieve stress, but by itself it is not enough to deal with a chronically stressful situation. Those in such situations need to seek experienced help.
Using masturbation to handle stress is easier if the penis is in good general health, so be sure to regularly used a superior penis health creme(health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Sometimes a guy gets carried away masturbating and rubs his penis a bit raw, so select a crème that contains a combination of moisturizing agents, such as shea butter and vitamin E, to provide soothing relief. The best crème will also include vitamin C, a key component of collagen which helps give penis skin its elasticity and tone.

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Expert Author Roger Fontaine
I start by defining ' MCKS pranic psychotherapy'. It is a method which is based on pranic healing techniques of scanning, cleansing, energizing, shielding, and releasing. These techniques are based on the principles of transmissibility of energy from practitioner to client, on receptivity of client to receiving the healing prana, and on the shielding of the chakras and aura from penetration by negative thought entities and elementals.
Elementals are energy beings which are composed of thought entities that feed on intense emotions of anger, fear, grief, or hatred. A thought entity is an idea which has attached to it a strong emotion which gives it substance in the energy field. This entity resides in the aura, in the mental field, and can penetrate through chakras when the webs are cracked, torn, or damaged. These webs can be repaired and sealed with gold pranic light energy which the practitioner intends and transmits through their hand chakra or crystal wand.
The power of intention moving energy is at the core of the basis for pranic healing being effective.
Crystal wands are used by the practitioner of pranic psychotherapy to accelerate the intensity of energy which can be transmitted to the client and reduces considerably the absorption of negative energies involved in the healing process which may be attracted to stick to the hands and arms of the practitioner which is manipulating the energy during the healing process. This absorption of negative energy on the arms and hands of the pranic practitioner is greater when a crystal is not used. This requires the practitioner's use of an alcohol spray with certain essential oils to dissipate any negative energies which may be adhered to the hands and arms while cleansing.
Depression, anxiety, and addictions can be consequences of suffering trauma or injury whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. These injuring consequences leave wounds upon the recipient and are often accompanied by recurring thoughts, emotions, and when severe, hallucinations, which inflict suffering and despair. These consequences can also be paralyzing and prevent the client from taking action to be gainfully employed, to maximize one's life potential, and to be socially active and productive financially, and to be successfully engaged in relationships at all levels.
The grace of pranic psychotherapy is in its ability to remove these negative energies which accompany trauma, injury, or accidents. The psychic shielding is also a necessary feature of this treatment to ensure that these negative energies don't return to inflict emotional and mental pain. There is often the need for subsequent repeat treatments to fully and completely remove all negative energies and elementals which are causing the recurring thoughts, emotions, and patterns.
The sealing, repairing, and strengthening of the chakral webs further ensures the healing of the etheric body and preventing elementals and negative thought entities penetrating the chakras and affecting the emotional and mental body of the client.
Master Choa Kok Sui has created this protocol which is administered through certified associate pranic healers, like myself, who have been trained in pranic psythotherapy and have documented successes with treating clients with the above mentioned wounds.
So far I've only mentioned how pranic psychotherapy can be useful to treat injuries from trauma resulting in anxiety, depression, and/or motivational paralysis.
Another important treatment feature of this pranic psychotherapy technique is to treat individuals suffering from addictive tendencies and obsessive compulsive tendencies.
The same principles apply wherein the negative thought and emotional entities are creating audio and/or video tapes of incidents of trauma or woundedness which are repeated and which induce a continuous pattern of destructive repeated behaviours which become addictions or obsessive compulsive patterns of behaviour.
Pranic Psychotherapy can be useful treatment technique for addiction to smoking, alcohol or drugs, and other repetitive negative behaviours which are destructive, self-harming, or self-limiting.
These treatments have been successful in reducing and eliminating panic attacks which clients have experienced in social contexts. The triggers which bring on these panic attacks have been identified and the removal of the anxiety energies around the aura and chakras has prevented triggering of panic attacks in future situations.
The shielding of the chakras and aura are also a necessary ingredient of this healing technique to protect the client from persistent and recurring thoughts and emotions which are symptomatic.
The element of openness and receptivity must be mentioned as being an essential aspect of the healing process. The presence of these elements is necessary to obtain a successful outcome.
There are also other reasons why people don't heal. Carolyn Myss makes mention in her book: "Why People Don't Heal". In her book she makes mention of the karmic reason for people not healing from a particular wound. In summary the reasons may be that this person has lessons to learn in this incarnation and that this soul needs to go through this trial or tribulation to learn a particular lesson. Past life negative karma catches up with us, if not resolved, and requires it being worked out, perhaps in this incarnation. That's why inner reflection and firm resolutions are necessary to heal whatever remains of past life karmas which have been destructive to self or others.
Expert Author Ray J Tyler
Does bipolar disorder control your life? This can best be stopped by learning to manage the disorder. I will tell you a secret or two. Knowledge is power. The second secret is that in order to manage your bipolar disorder you need an excellent knowledge of how the disorder works, particularly in respect of yourself.
We know that the disorder generally cycles in the same pattern for each individual with it. Therefore, if we know how bipolar disorder is likely to affect us next time it strikes we have a big advantage.
There is one more key element to learning how to manage bipolar disorder. You need a very strong desire to do so. This strong desire is necessary to give you the commitment to enable you to take the disorder by the scruff of the neck. The desire will lead to you gaining the necessary knowledge about it. You can then fight the cycle of the disorder with a cycle of your own. You learn about the disorder. You relate this back to how the it normally affects you. You notice, in advance, when the next episode is about to hit you. You are then able to arrange early treatment for yourself.
A thorough knowledge of how bipolar disorder normally affects you give you several big advantages. You know what you can normally expect to happen next. To begin with this means to your fear of what will happen next reduces. Also, your ability to pick up earlier, when things start to happen to you reduces another fear in your mind. You no longer have to fear when the next episode will arrive.
It is very useful to you to get good help as you learn to manage the disorder. This help can include your friends and loved ones. It must include health professionals in whom you have complete trust. It can include people you have met at a support group that you have found and joined. These groups often include members who have learned to manage their own bipolar disorder. They are there to give back to others in thanks for their success.
The real ability to manage your bipolar disorder comes with being aware as to what is going on for you. Knowing this enables you to seek the required professional help at the earliest possible moment. By getting early treatment there is a far greater probability that the prescribed treatment will work for you. Even if it doesn't you can get alternative treatment far earlier than you have in the past. Yes, if you want to manage your disorder the ball really is in your court as the saying goes.
Expert Author Ray J Tyler
Bipolar disorder is not a specific diagnosis. Rather, it covers a spectrum of mood disorders. It is on that basis that I state that it is not A mental disorder. Rather, it is collection of specific independent diagnoses which, grouped together, are referred to as the bipolar spectrum. This collection of mental disorders are considered to be amongst the hardest mental disorders to accurately diagnose.
There are a number of factors which make diagnosing it as being from within the bipolar spectrum difficult. If that is correctly achieved there can be further difficulty in specifying exactly which type of specific disorder is present. An accurate diagnosis makes a successful treatment far easier to achieve.
Manic depressive disorder, now more commonly known as bipolar disorder, can have a devastating effect on the life of anyone afflicted with it. It can take complete control of that person's life. This occurs as the afflicted person experiences mad manic episodes or one of those major depressive episodes. This type of bipolar is known as bipolar, type 1. Many people consider this the worst possible specific diagnosis of the disorder one can get. Not only that, it can severely affect the life of friends and loved ones of anyone so afflicted. Even when "normal" friends, loved ones and the afflicted person can be living in fear of when the next episode will occur.
As is often the case with depression it can lead to attempted suicide or even suicide. There are a number of websites on the internet which quote that one person out of two diagnosed with bipolar disorder will attempt suicide at some stage in their life. Worse still, the statistics indicate that one in twenty persons with the disorder will succeed. Statistics also indicate that if a good treatment regime is in place the risk of attempted or successful suicide is greatly reduced.
If you fear that a friend or loved one with bipolar disorder might be considering suicide seek help urgently. There are many avenues available. A good starting point could be afflicted person's health professional. This is such an important topic that I will be devoting an entire article to it in the near future.
Next down is a diagnosis of bipolar type 2. Here the manic episodes do not normally occur. Instead a hypomanic episode is experienced. These can result in:
1) Happy, excited and joyful feelings
2) Talking more, faster and often louder
3) Increased energy, more activity and an inability to sit still
4) Increased sexual drive
5) Irritability and
6) Recklessness leading to poor decision-making.
The poor decision-making often relates to sexual or money matters. They are often of a very serious nature. They can lead to relationship breakdowns. Conversely hypomania can have an extremely important part to play in the successful treatment of bipolar disorder.
The next level down in a bipolar disorder diagnosis is cyclothymic disorder. With this type the highs and the lows are not as pronounced as with bipolar types 1 and 2. This might sound good. However, it does have a distinct potential disadvantage. This type can be extremely difficult to diagnose. The mood-swings can, and do, escape the notice of even the best health professionals. This is especially the case were there is a reasonably long period of normal moods between the change of mood. The potential disadvantage here is the possibility that the cyclothymic disorder may not be picked up. This leaves the afflicted person experiencing greater than normal mood-swings without treatment.
Up to now I have discussed the spectrum of bipolar disorders in terms of the levels of their highs and lows. The spectrum also includes diagnoses which take into account the frequency of the highs and the lows. The first of these is rapid cycling bipolar disorder. This diagnosis applies where the afflicted person experiences four or more episodes within a one year period. It is not unknown for two or even more episodes to occur within a twenty-four hour period. The reducing time between highs and lows can come into effect with the passage of time if the patient is not receiving satisfactory treatment for the disorder.
Another diagnosis is mixed bipolar disorder. This diagnosis applies when the afflicted person experiences the symptoms of highs and lows at the same time. Once again the conflicting, and confusing, symptoms can, and do, lead to difficulties in diagnosing mixed bipolar disorder.
Bipolar is considered to be one of the most difficult mental groupings to diagnose accurately. The first problem is the fact that it covers the two extremes of the mental health spectrum, mania and depression. The next complication is the variation in time between different patients experiencing their personal highs and lows. Also, different patients can and do cycle in a different direction. Most cycle hypomania first, (then mania if bipolar type 1), then depression. However, a number do cycle in the reverse order
All these variations in the bipolar spectrum of mood disorder do combine to make its diagnosis extremely difficult. This difficulty can lead to further difficulty in setting up a successful treatment regime for the disorder. It is common for afflicted patients to only seek treatment for depression. This can leave the health professional totally unaware of the "high" side of the disorder. The diagnosis must then be wrong because it is based on inaccurate (incomplete) information.
A complete and accurate diagnosis makes the prescription of a successful treatment regime far easier to achieve. The key to correct diagnosis is total, and accurate, communication between patient and doctor. Can you see a pattern forming here which could lead to a successful treatment for bipolar disorder?
Ray Tyler was diagnosed with manic depressive disorder in1982. He still lives with, and receives treatment for the disorder, today. However he has not had a manic depressive disorder since 1997.

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